Publications et al

Peer Reviewed/Avec comité de lecture

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Farming the Sea, a False Solution to a Real Problem: Critical Reflections on Canada’s Aquaculture Regulations” (2019) 50:1 Ottawa Law Review 29 [with Angela Lee]

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Non-peer Reviewed/Sans comité de lecture

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Développement Législatif Récent au Québec Concernant les Milieux Humides” (2013) 4 IUCNAEL EJournal 89

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Engagement with First Nations, Métis and Inuit Groups with Regard to Consultation and Accommodation: Research Report, Report prepared for the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, March 2009 [with Alexandre Clément]

Draft Framework for a Consultation Protocol, Report prepared for the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, March 2009 [with Alexandre Clément]


Conservation for Exploitation: The Constitutive Power of Growth in Global Marine Fisheries Law, PhD, University of Ottawa, in progress

The Sustainability of Biofuels: A Principled Lifecycle Assessment of the 2009 European Union Renewable Energy Directive and Its Framework, LL.M., University of British Columbia, 2016

Work in Progress/Textes en cours

“Strange Bedfellows: The Contribution of Queer Ecology to the Study of (Environmental) Law” (submitted)

“A regime lost at sea: critical reflections on the past and the future of UNCLOS and marine biodiversity protection” (draft chapter for a book project by Froukje Maria Platjouw & Alla Pozdnakova)

“Science-Fiction at Sea: Critical Reflections on the Intersection of Science and Technology, International Law, and Marine Biodiversity” (working paper)

“‘A Public Purpose of Superordinate Importance’: Moulding Judicial Review to Ensure the Faithful Execution of Environmental Laws” (working paper)  

“Actions Are Better than Words: Access to Justice Obstacles for Gender Minorities” (in progress)

Opinion Pieces/Textes d’opinion

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and all Members of Parliament Regarding the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion, 25 August 2018 [with Ryan Beaton, Christopher Campbell-Duruflé, Marie-Soleil L’Allier, Sarah Mason-Case, Grace Nosek, Catherine Potvin, Stéphanie Roy and Cate Sandilands]


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Emergence Webinar: Environment, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation (online) 4 June 2020 [with Stéphanie Roy and Laure Waridel]

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